OpenStreetMap Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat for OpenStreetMap community and Foundation. OpenStreetMap is the free and editable map of the world, created and maintained by a huge international community. Anybody can create an account and start editing on within minutes.

These guides are licensed under (CC-by) if you would like to contribute or have any feedback on these, please feel free to raise an issue in this repository.


How to give back?

Does your organization want to work with OSM? Find what you need to know!

How to give back?

Why should an organization contribute data to OpenStreetMap?

  • Adding data to OSM is quicker and easier than building your own system: you benefit from updates to the software, the ecosystem and collaborative maintenance and improvement of the data
  • Allows an organisation to focus on its core data, rather than also maintaining geospatial data
  • OSM is a shared platform to contribute and collaborate with others
  • Broader social good of contributing to a global map

Here are some general guidelines for contributing. If you are thinking about importing an existing data set, read our import guidelines closely and particularly note license compatibility.

What other ways can we contribute?

  • Becoming a member or supporter helps contribute to the sustainability of the project. A number of companies, for example, are supporters.
  • Contributing imagery or other data such as GPS traces or your GIS data can help improve the map for all and provide a means for the community to use that information to collect new data. It is important to release that data under an open license as well
  • There’s also a range of supporting open source infrastructure which would benefit from contribution and support from wider community
  • There is also a need for advocacy about OpenStreetMap, training, community engagement and more. You can contribute to OpenStreetMap without actually editing the map.
  • Participate in the governance and work of OpenStreetMap Foundation through working groups